No airbrushing required. None is used on the photos of Jennifer. Just Naked Truth.

Women—the final frontier. These are the voyages of Dr. Jennifer Brown, psychologist, spiritual guide and teacher of women. Well, whether she’s a teacher or a student is definitely debatable, but one way or another, she’s got something to say about this thing called “womanhood.”

Join Dr. Jennifer Brown and take a naked look into womanhood. That’s right, naked. Jennifer strips down and removes the layers that cover up womanhood, giving a refreshingly honest perspective of what women represent, their experiences, and what they uniquely offer society. When an author comes along and is blatantly transparent—naked in her thoughts, in her experiences and dear me, even in some of the scandalous pictures she posts, you just know that you won’t find perfection here…but you’ll be able to relate to her so much more because of it.

If you are a man, I encourage you to pull your big boy pants up and listen in. This is gold for men. This is your chance. Talk to the Doc. Leave comments on the blog posts. Ask questions. Women want to hear your voice on these subjects because men are, after all, extremely important in women’s lives. Just think about how long it takes a woman to get ready to go out on a date with you…

In Jennifer’s tales of how women negotiate with, and sometimes mud-sling at their own womanhood, you will explore the oftentimes non-existent lines between sexuality and spirituality, beauty and superficiality, strength and vulnerability, Goddess and God…and you will watch your adoration for women grow.


What you should do:

Read the blog. Leave comments. Tell Jennifer about your experiences. She’s reading and she’s responding—always.

Follow Jennifer on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Social media is fun and Jennifer writes funny stuff throughout the day. I guarantee, she’ll make you giggle at random.

Welcome to the land of women…welcome to Understanding Women…enjoy the journey!