Princes and Fairy Tales

I have no problems when it comes to fairy tales: Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty—bring ‘em on. I don’t mind it when the knight in shining armor finds his beloved beauty, kisses her, slays the dragon, breaks the spell and carries her off to his castle. It actually makes me sigh with a quiet happiness. It’s romantic. It’s heart-warming. It beats getting picked up in a bar by a man in a cheap suit with even cheaper pick up lines any day. One has romance that plucks at my heartstrings; the other has me rolling my eyes and praying that these men start to read my blog and actually learn something about women.

Even though I am an independent and well accomplished woman, I must admit to this one devastating fact (Yes, I am having a “Forgive me Goddess for I have sinned,” moment): For me, there is nothing in the world—no job, no amount of money and no prestige, that feels quite as good as having someone you love look deeply into your eyes and love you back. For me, this intimacy creates inner-peace. It creates a feeling of union, and it usually creates a “no-pants-on” scenario at some point in this love story.

But I realize that I am one of few women to openly admit to how important falling in love is to us…otherwise, doing so might brand us as needy, co-dependent ninnies that are time-warping back to the fifties. Women’s Liberation somehow required us not only to burn our bras, but our love stories too. In order to become strong, independent women, we were no longer allowed to be rescued by Prince Charming. So, we opened our own doors, moved into our own apartments, got on the pill and got jobs. We started swearing the Sacred Oath of Womanhood that our work, who we are, and what we want should never be sacrificed for love…

But some of us, the brave ones, kept the old tattered tales of love safely hidden under our pillows at night. We snuck them out to read in the solitude of our own bedrooms when no one would be around to judge how truly schmaltzy we still are when it comes to falling in love.

I, for one, need a man. I need a partner in crime, a goofy friend, a touchstone of reality. I need the man who knows how to carry me off to our magical castle with one look. I need the man who knows how to awaken who I am with something as passionate as a kiss. I need a champion on this journey through life so that when I do screw up and eat the poisoned apple, someone is there who can breathe life back into me again.