Happy Boobs!

I lose weight and suddenly my boobs shrink and my bras are big on me. Not fair #understandingwomen, not fair at all!

So yes, here’s a boob picture…more of them can be seen in your own imagination-run-wild than in this picture, but you get what you pay for. I had a terrible reaction to my own body today–and this coming from the woman who half teaches/half preaches about womanhood!

Alright, here’s my confession: Forgive me Goddess for I have sinned. Upon getting dressed in front of my mirror this morning I literally had a slump-style moment when I realized that while I am losing weight, I am also losing boob mass. Tragic, I know. Now, over the past few months I have been tightening up my body, looking good, strutting my stuff, and yet I literally stood there in front of the full length mirror holding my boobs in their now larger-than-life bra-cups and wondering how this could be possible. I was supposed to lose the non-sexy weight–not the sexy stuff. A fear started creeping up inside of me, “Oh shit, if I lose weight from my boobs instead of from other parts of my body, then I will look all caddywompus and out of whack!”

Translation: “Who will want me if I don’t look like Malibu Barbie?”

Sound familiar? Like so many other perfectly sane women, I was going through a crisis of body faith. Just from looking in the mirror, I had decided that I wasn’t enough to look at–and that was without even sharing my boobs with anyone to see (or touch for that matter)!

Truth be told, my desperation only set in with comparison…like when I believed that my body was not measuring up to what I assume beauty should look like.Apparently, my definition of beauty includes a nice rack. I was fearful that I would be out of the beauty league if I lost mine.The fact that I focused on my shrinking breasts instead of the fact that my whole body is shrinking up nicely, shined a big ol’ spotlight on the fact that it’s not the men who are to blame for exploiting women’s bodies–we do it to ourselves without a problem.

Penance for my sin Goddess? Rectify the ridiculous thoughts that breasts are the only part of a woman that is sexy, that they are necessary in order to be loved, or that they are anything less than tantalizing no matter the size or shape.So here I go…My breasts, like the rest of me, are a gorgeous part of my body. They are voluptuous and sensitive and even if they were the size of Raisinets I’m still pretty sure that people would look and possibly break out into spontaneous applause if I took my shirt off in public. My boobs make me happy. I hope from the bottom of my now extra spacious bras, that your boobs also bring you much happiness and delight!